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How To Buy Prescription Drugs Online

If you're tired of paying over priced medication prices and either don't have insurance to cover the cost of these expensive prescription drugs here's a solution: shop the drug stores from the comforts of your own home by ordering your prescription drugs online.

Steps to buying from the right:

1. Click on the alphabet in which your medication(s) begin or top rx drugs.

2. Read the prescription interactions, warnings and side effects.

3. Decide from the list of no prescription providers that we have listed.

4. Make your decision based on if they carry your medication, shipping & support.

5. Order your medication and fill your prescription questionnaire out honestly.

6. Wait between 24h hours and 20 days for your order to be delivered.

7. All prescription orders are confidential and are shipped in a discreet package!

8. Your order is received and you have saved up to 90% on your prescriptions.

9. Visit our website again and get your refills promptly.

10. Live a nice healthy debt free life.

Tip: You can save a lot money if you buy prescriptions that have a 90 day supply!

If you are paying the full cash price for your medications:

Take a look a these HUGE mistakes that you could be making:

Mistake #1 - Going to the same local pharmacy
SHOP AROUND. Prescription drug prices in your city can vary widely both pharmacy to pharmacy, and county to county. Comparison-shop your local pharmacies to see which one carries your prescriptions at lowest cost. To assist you, the Attorney General's office is comparing prices of the most frequently prescribed drugs at pharmacies across the state. For actual drug price comparisons, click on the "Search [Your State] Drug Prices" option on the top of the page to get started.

Mistake #2 - Not asking the retail price of your prescription
ASK FOR THE DRUG RETAIL PRICE LIST. Under most state laws, every pharmacy is required to give you a print out of its retail prices for 150 most commonly prescribed drugs. If your drug is not listed, ask your pharmacist for the pricing information and compare prices among pharmacies.

Mistake #3- No haggle in mind.
PRICE MATCH. Some pharmacies offer to match the prices offered by another pharmacy in your area. If you find that other pharmacies have lower prices for your drug, do not hesitate to ask if your pharmacy will match the lower prices.

Mistake #4- Forgetting that Generic works just the same
ASK FOR GENERICS. Under most state laws, a pharmacy is required to fill your prescription with a generic unless your doctor writes your prescription for a brand name and fills the DAW - Dispense As Written box. Ask your doctor if there are generic equivalents available. Many brand name drugs have equally safe and effective generic equivalents that can cost as much as 50 percent less.

Mistake #5- Using more resources to get better benefits
EXPLORE Rx ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS. Many pharmaceutical companies participate in discounted or free prescription programs. Each program has its own eligibility requirements


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